Canine Plaque-Reducing Products

Rusty at 7 years old

    I was reading an article yesterday on Dogster Warning: Some Canine Plaque-Reducing Products Contain Toxic Xylitol! In the Article Dr. Barchas ends with this statement: I unequivocally recommend that no dog owner use this, or any, product that claims to prevent plaque in dogs. In the best case, you’ll waste your money. In […]

Love and Devotion

Losing a pet is never easy for you or the other pets in the household. Here is a video with a beautiful tribute to what our pets mean to each other.

Dog Pack Snacks – Review


I love Dog Pack Snacks! Dog Pack Snacks provide a high quality dog treat with a high protein, low fat content. They are great for dogs who are a little over weight. Dog Pack Snacks are made with human grade, 100% natural, organic foods. Watch my video review: When you order your treats they will […]

New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners

Spring Time In Chico

With 2012 just a few days away I have been thinking about new years resolutions. This year I am again going to include my dogs in my list of resolutions and I encourage you do to the same. Nothing motivates you more than those sweet dog eyes “reminding” you its time to walk or whatever […]

Do I need to Vaccinate My Dog


Whole Dog Journal came out with an article called, “Rabies is Still a Deadly Threat.” I agree with them,  over vaccination is a problem. There is compelling evidence which show over vaccination can cause things such as autoimmune diseases, allergies and even cancer! You want to make sure you dog is vaccinated according to what […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Outdoor Enthusiast Dog


  I love taking my dogs out hiking. I prefer the perfect type weather we get in Spring and fall however, I will take them out even when temperatures get fairly cold. I highly recommend getting your dogs outdoor wear from Ruff Wear. Ruff Wear focus’ on outdoor wear for your dog and  have the […]

Free Shipping Day

If you are like me you still do not have all of your holiday shopping finished. I have some good news, your procrastination has paid off. This Friday December 16, 2011 it Free Shipping Friday. With over 2100 merchants participating you should be able to find everything on your list and not have to pay […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Dog Toys

Dog toys are an important aspect of your dog’s life, they provide mental and physical stimulation and a way for us to have fun playing with our dogs. Listed below are some of my favorite toys for dogs. Nina Ottosson Interactive Wood Brick Toy – This interactive dog toy provides a great way to mentally […]

Animal Wellness Magazine – Free Digital Subscription!


  Animal Wellness Magazine have provided readers of Critter Minute with an amazing offer – a free one year digital subscription to their pawsome healthy magazine! It’s easy to sign up – just follow these instructions: Step 1: Follow the link and like them on Facebook Step 2. Click the link on Facebook. Step 3: […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Dog Beds


A bed is without question one of the most important items you’re going to need for your dog.  Your dog is going to spend a lot of time on it, dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours a day. A good dog bed should be manufactured with care and attention to detail. It also should […]

This Holiday Season Support

When shopping this holiday season please use my affiliate links. I get a small commission each and every time you click on one of my affiliate links. The price you pay will stay the exact same and I do not even get any of your information. Remember when you buy anything from Amazon whether it’s […]

Holiday Gift Guide – Treats Your Dog Will Beg For

Rusty happy with his Pupsicle

  It’s that time of year when you are looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Here are a few of my favorite dog  treats. Bones are a good way for your dog to get both physical and mental stimulation, they also help clean your dog’s gums and teeth. Scott River Ranch […]

Critter’s Inflatable life jacket’s

I have some exciting news, all Critter’s Inflatable dog life jacket’s are now on sale for the very low price of just $99.99. You can read and watch my video review of these unique and wonderful canine life vests at  Critter’s Inflatable Dog Life Vest Review. Keep your dog safe whenever you venture near potentially […]

Signs of Dog Bloat – Video Only


  The number two killer of dogs is canine bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). This lethal bloating of the stomach can kill in less than an hour. While there are many factors that can add to a dog’s likely hood of getting canine bloat a dog’s eating habits is the biggest reason. A must […]

12 Important Dog Emergency Numbers to Know


When you have an emergency situation with your pet every minute can make a difference. I like to be prepared in case of an emergency, you never know when your dog’s life can depend on you having the right information at your finger tips when you need it. You know it is important to have […]